We provide psychotherapy services for couples, families, adults, and teens.

Reasons for therapy

Our clients pursue therapy for a variety of reasons. Some are looking for a safe place to experience growth. These clients are looking for a place to examine current and past relationships and life experiences as they pursue a more meaning-filled, connected and passionate life.

Many people seek therapy at the crossroads of a significant transition or loss, or because something in life has become particularly dissatisfying or problematic. They may be facing anxiety, depression, addiction, or troubling behaviors that are negatively impacting their daily life.

Others come to therapy because relationships have become disconnected or stressed. Families or couples pursue therapy for assistance in changing relational patterns that have become painful and tense, so that they can get back on track to a more thriving and lively connection.


Our approach

Our primary approach in working with couples and families is Emotionally Focused Therapy. Our work with individuals includes an EFT-informed approach, as well as a variety of other approaches tailored for your specific needs.

Our team of therapists works with you in a mutually collaborative way. This means that you can expect our clinicians to be very active with you in conversation – asking questions, reflecting and deepening important themes, guiding the direction of the work, sharing feedback and suggestions, and offering practical guidance and occasional homework.

We encourage our clients to take an active role, too. Articulating your goals for therapy, thinking about the themes we talk about, taking actions we discuss, and being willing to share your experience in therapy are critical ingredients to successfully meeting your goals.

Our highest priority is to create a working relationship with you that feels warm, comfortable, honest, and trusting, since we believe you (or your teen) are best able to take the risks necessary for real growth and change when you feel you have that kind of safety net to support you.


Getting started

While our primary focus is in Emotionally Focused Therapy, our team of therapists bring a diverse background of additional expertise and experience to their work. You can view our therapists' biographies and contact information by clicking the button below.



To learn more about our team's availability, fees, and setting up an appointment with a therapist, contact us at (323) 633-6138, or fill out the form below. 

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Payment, billing, and insurance

Payment for service is due at the time of service. EFT Resource Center is not a provider on any insurance plans. If you have an insurance plan that offers “out of network coverage” (usually a PPO plan), you can submit a superbill, that we provide monthly, to request partial reimbursement through your insurance company. 

We advise checking with your insurance before meeting with your therapist to see what type of reimbursement you can expect. In addition, If you have a Health Savings Account or Health Reimbursement Account, your expenses for therapy may be eligible for reimbursement through that account. 



Arriving to your appointment 

The EFT Resource Center is located at 95 N Marengo, Suite 200, situated on the corner of Holly St. & Marengo Ave. The entrance to the building is from the courtyard on Holly Street. The building is wheelchair accessible. 

There is metered street parking on Holly St., Marengo Ave., and surrounding streets. There is a parking structure on the corner of Holly St. & Arroyo Pkwy that is $2/hour, and a 90-minute free parking structure on Raymond between Holly St. & Walnut St. 

Enter the building through the courtyard on Holly St. Take the elevator or stairs to floor 2b and turn left to find Suite 200. Find the light switch on the wall that corresponds to your therapist's name and flip it on to signal your arrival. Your therapist will meet you in the waiting room at your appointment time.