The EFT Resource Center seeks to make more fulfilling relationships possible for everyone. Our team of experienced therapists shares the value of strong, secure relationships as a necessary ingredient to thriving. We offer therapy services and workshops for individuals, couples, families and teens based on the highly effective approach of Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT).

We also bring the transformative power and efficacy of EFT to mental health practitioners all around the world through professional training, supervision, and support. The EFT Resource Center cultivates an atmosphere of growth, creativity, curiosity, and life-long learning with all of our clients and colleagues.




The EFT Resource Center was established in 2011 by Drs. Lisa Blum and Silvina Irwin, both licensed clinical psychologists with 30 years of combined experience working with individuals, families, and couples. They began their training in EFT because it was, and remains, one of the most empirically supported couples' therapy models. While training with Dr. Sue Johnson, EFT founder and innovator, they discovered the power of EFT to fundamentally change the nature of distressed couples' relationships and create secure connections. Inspired by the power of EFT, they pursued advanced training and supervision in EFT, and opened the EFT Resource Center to bring EFT therapy to the local community and EFT training to professionals worldwide. 

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Our Stance on Diversity & Inclusion

The EFT Resource Center aims to cultivate a climate of inclusion, an environment where all can feel safe, valued, cared for, and given an opportunity to form meaningful connections with each other. In all facets of our work we strive to embody what we hope to see in the world -- a just, loving humanity and community in which people are free to be themselves fully -- where people can embrace their most basic universal human attachment needs without fear of persecution or marginalization as a result of religion, race, ethnic or national origin, sexual orientation, gender expression, age, class, mental health, physical character or disability.

These values are inherent in the attachment science and humanistic approach to intervention that all our work is based on. Specifically, humanistic approaches such as EFT are collaborative and respectful. We create a safe place for people and treat them as persons, not problems or types. Our approach is non-pathologizing in practice. Our values are inclusive and egalitarian while viewing human connection as sacred -- something to be honored and cultivated. Our scientific and theoretical base recognizes the universal tenets of emotion and attachment, while respecting individual differences in how these universal aspects of our humanity are expressed.

*Adapted slightly from the Stance on Diversity published by the International Centre for Excellence in
Emotionally Focused Therapy (www.iceeft.com).




The EFT Resource Center accepts applications for employment positions on a rolling basis.  We employ both master-level mental health professionals and postdoctoral psychologists. We are seeking applicants that are interested in working with couples, individuals, adolescents and families. Prior exposure to attachment-oriented therapy approaches or Emotionally Focused Therapy is required. Please click here for details on the position and how to apply.



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